Music Videos


Little City Pictures offers a full music video production service.

We can work with you on developing your own concept for a video or we can develop a concept for you that will encompass all the facets of the band.

When it comes to scale, that’s entirely up to you. Our budgets and set ups range from a  creative one camera shoot of an artist performance, right up to a story originated short film and everything in between. We are a highly creative team who are always looking to create the best possible video with the resources we have.

Below are some example of videos we have produced reflecting a range of artists and budgets. All have been directed by Christopher and shot by Steven. Click through to our Vimeo to see the others.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Xavia – Lust – Teaser

Xavia – Lust 

“What makes working with Chris and Steve at LCP so effortless  is their commitment to realizing your vision. They take it personally. Yes they are without a doubt gifted technically and professional to the core, but they also have this unbelievable ability to act like translators between the ideas in your head and the finished article. That for me is the really rare and special part.”

Charlie from Xavia.

Daniel Paris – The Hard Way


The guys were the embodiment of professionalism and considerate in their approach to the project. Having the ability to create a calm, creative environment is something they should be incredibly proud of.

Daniel Paris

Callum Beattie – Salamander Street

Salamander Streel Stills

“Little City Pictures were an absolute joy to work with.  The whole team were well equipped and made sure I was taken great care of. Given the chance, I would work with them time and time again due to their professional, trustworthy service”

Callum Beattie

Calm As The Colour – Sometimes


“Little City Pictures are professional from the off, these guys knew exactly what they were doing and made you feel you were in the best hands possible.  The result was even better than expected and all feedback received on the video has been top notch.  Top job”

Calm as the Colour

Amy Duncan – Navigating 


I had such a lovely time making the music video for ‘Navigating’ yesterday. Little City Pictures are a highly creative team with so much, talent and enthusiasm, I felt totally at ease and so well looked after! A lovely group of people dedicated to achieving the best possible result, I couldn’t have had a better experience.

Amy Duncan



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