Siam Colvine Autumn/Winter Collection 2013 Fashion Film


We had the pleasure of collaborating with talented fashion designer Siam Colvine once more after producing the film I am Disorder, this time we shot the film for her Autumn / Winter Collection 2013.  This new film showcases the distorted line between control and chaos, in a dark, strange yet beautiful fantasy. With music by Crystal Castles and performance by model Lynne Jefferies.  Lynne was fantastic to work with on the day, and made the filming job very easy.

Siam Still 2

On I am Disorder we had a really enjoyed our time working with Siam, there was a mutual respect for each others art and this time was no different.  Siam has an intriguing mind that allows her to create her fashion pieces and she conveys her inspiration to us through photographs, sketches and videos.  She then trusts us to bring this inspiration, mood, feeling and style to life through film.  The whole process is very satisfying and we hope we can continue to create these fashion films for Siam and other aspiring talents in to the future.


We would like to thank our crew on the day Pete Harper , Camera Assistant and Sacha Currie for her make up skills.  Huge thank you to Ed at the Banshee Labyrinth for his great venue and for accommodating us and our requests.


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