Gifted Kings – Dead End Road

Gifted Kings approached Little City after Actress Vivien Taylor recommended us to the bands management.  It’s a great compliment when someone you have previously worked with recommends you after experiencing a great working relationship with us and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank Vivien for putting the band our way.

Gifted Kings management sent Chris and I the track through, which we both liked instantly. We discussed the style of the video and as a reference we were sent The Stones Rocks Off (1972) video.  We loved the style of the video and were excited that we could deliver another style of video to our current back catalogue. We pride ourselves on catering to the bands/artists in such a way that reflects where they want to go with their style/look/music.

So we set a date and began to put the crew and locations together, with the help of the band who are based in Glasgow. We enlisted Sacha Currie, whom we worked with on the Xavia videos, as make up artist and Abbie McFarlane as Production Runner.  Abbie is studying film at the Royal Conservatoire and did a fantastic job for us.

We were looking to cast a model for a role in the video and Chris suggested Emily Morton. With both of us following and appreciating her incredible range of work, Emily delivered in her performance and possesses such a great look on camera.  We contacted Emily and found out she had been a fan of Little City for a while too, which was lovely to hear. This turned out to be a very successful collaboration and we thank Emily for her work on the video.

The shoot was great fun and that is testament to the team in place!

The band had this to say about the experience of working with Little City;

Working with Chris and Steve to make our first single video was an amazing experience and the result was way beyond our expectations. They combine a friendly, enthusiastic approach to filmmaking with extremely professional results.

We’ve had a huge number of compliments on the video which speaks volumes for their talents. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Little City Pictures.



crew still

You can find Gifted Kings on twitter and facebook and download the single Dead End Road for free at

der Emily


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