Ambition originated after LCP sat down in November 2012 and said, what’s next?

It was approaching the end of what had been a great year in terms of building a portfolio of work, learning our craft, and having great fun along the way with some of the best up and coming talent in Scotland in-front of and behind the camera.

The Reed Film Competition had come up, with a brilliant first prize of £10,000.  The theme was ‘ambition’ and the brief was a 3 minute film. We thought up a few ideas (one involving a chicken!) and opted for what we feel is a heartwarming story based upon the assigned theme ‘ambition’ and fittingly titled the same.

There are a lot of personal influences within Chris’ script and we had been talking about how lovely the John Lewis Christmas Ad 2011 was and how that was received by audiences. With LCP always looking to develop and showcase out diversity as filmmakers from each production, we thought we’d love to tackle something similar in tone and style…and so it was born!

There is a saying in the industry…’never work with children or animals’ and Chris had taken the theme of ‘ambition’ literally by involving a 6 year old boy and two dogs (albeit one is in costume!)

10 Ambition AF CC 2 (FINAL)

We were busy with other work when this idea was born so we approached Craig James Moncur to help us produce the film, to help spread the load.  We knew Craig to be a very resourceful person and he proved this when helping to put this shoot together.  In particular the dog Lyca that Craig found us was phenomenal.  Thank you for your work Craig, much appreciated.

Our young boy Thomas was found through Kirsty Halliday at the Edinburgh Acting School, what a find! Thomas was perfect for the part and done a terrific job, especially for his first time in front of the camera! Thank you to The Glen Family.

We shot over two days in Edinburgh, one and a half days at the house location and half a day at the toy shop on Morningside Road.  Many thanks to Toys Galore for giving us permission and being so accommodating, and special thanks to the Smiths for giving us the run of their beautiful house and continued support to Little City.

A special thank you also to all the participating charities, in particular the Scottish SPCA and to both Michelle Grubb and Emma Smith.

12 Ambition AF CC 2 (FINAL)

To fill in the rest of the cast, we approached Vivien TaylorGareth Morrison and Robert Williamson, who completed the family along with Lyca the dog!  We had worked with Vivien and Robert before and are admirers of their work. We knew of Gareth and Craig had worked with him on his personal projects, and he came highly recommended. It was a pleasure to have him on a Little City production.  Emma Smith also kindly dressed up in the dalmatian costume and played the role of the charity worker. We could not of been happier with the performances, thank you guys so much for being a part of the film.

Thank you to the crew from the bottom of our  film can hearts:

Craig James Moncur – Co-Producer

Pete Harper – Camera Assistant

Gillian Johnston – Make-Up Artist

Phil Curran – Composer

Alistair Ferguson – Colourist

Colin and Aiden Dodds – Sound Recordists

Iain Forsyth – Lights

Emma Smith – Location Manager/Catering

1 Ambition AF CC 2 (FINAL)


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