VOID – Short Film Official Release

Please click through to Vimeo to enjoy in HD.  – Parental Guidance Advised –

Synopsis: Mary is a new single mother on the brink of destruction, longing for freedom and dreaming of the past, sometimes the fall back to reality comes at painful cost.

VOID still 6

We are extremely pleased to release our short film VOID. The film was shot in Jan 2012 and includes a terrific performance from lead actress Vivien Taylor, as well as an acting debut for young Aaron Ferguson. The script was the first production of what went on to become an extremely productive year for Little City Pictures.  Directed and edited by Christopher L Cook, shot by Steven Abercromby-Cook and written by Neil Rolland, the film screened at Portobello Film Festival 2012 in London and was selected to be screened at the Shoot First showcase event at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh. The film is also available to view on The Smalls website.

VOID still 3

We would like to thank George Eustice for his work on the colour grade and sound design, as well as Paul Hartmann who contributed to the soundscape. Iain Forsyth, a close friend and colleague of Little City for his expertise on set and Kirsty Waller our make-up artist. Not to forget baby Aaron’s lovely parents Lisa and Michael.

VOID still 7

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