Xavia Promo Videos pt2

Siam Club re grade

Following on from our last post where we shared a very exciting teaser reel for the Xavia Lust promo video, we are delighted to share part 2 of this four part Xavia video launch.

Over & Out was shot over the same three days as Lust and completes a double-single launch by the mighty Xavia coming very soon. The video is a follow on that will become apparent when you see both back to back, though they are fully formed individual pieces, each with their own story and gorgeous visuals.

A big shout out to Ben Presley on this one for freezing his ass off on a February morning and running around glasgow in his boxers. Nice one Ben! Once again Siam Colvine stars as the rather dominant “captor”.

So to whet your appetite for the full video launch here is the teaser reel for Over and Out:

Directed by Chris, cinematography by Steve and David Lee and produced by Little City along with the band’s lead singer Charlie, we’d once again like to say how much of a pleasure it was to make these videos. They would never have happened without the tireless work of the entire cast and crew, who came together over three days in Glasgow and gave it their all. We are indebted to the passion, craftsmanship and determination of these people.

The full music videos for both Lust and Over and Out will be coming very soon.

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Photography by Steven Brian John Cook.

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