Xavia – Over and Out

ben run5

After the overwhelming success of the Xavia – Lust launch we are delighted to share with you their latest music video as part of the double-single release. This video for the song Over and Out was recorded over the same period as the video for Lust and it is very much a complimentary piece. Directed by Chris with Steve as DoP (and second unit George Eustice and David Lee) the production could not have gone better with all involved very pleased with the finished product.

We are indebted to the fantastic crew and actors who gave over their time and talents to pull this all together. The Over and Out single will be released for pre-order in the coming weeks, officially from 16th July 2012 and will be available online from all good digital outlets.

Chris said this about the whole experience;

Working on these two videos was a great experience and definitely a shoot to remember. We put together such an incredible team and working with such dedicated guys from the band was a lot of fun. Originally we were only meant to shoot Lust and knew how close the concept was to Charlie’s (lead singer) heart, so it was a challenge. If you meet this guy you know that when he commits to something, not only with his music but any creative project he puts in 100% with no compromise and I respect that work ethos. When he laid out the ambition for two videos we smiled and rolled with it, they are both very different but I loved the idea of a continuation in narrative. Lust was incredible, the jail was so cold and honestly I have to give massive respect to the cast for such rich performances, they truly suffered for the art and I believe that’s why the video turned out the way it did. Over and Out was the same, poor Ben suffered! …the guy was boxer naked in the middle of a park in February – and never complained once, that dedication is inspiring.

The reward at the end when the band watched the finished articles made every moment worth it and I can genuinely say I am proud to have directed and collaborated with the people we did on these videos.

Charlie from Xavia had this to say about working with us;

What makes working with Chris and Steve at LCP so effortless, is their commitment to realizing your vision. They take it personally. Yes they are without a doubt gifted technically and professional to the core, but they also have this unbelievable ability to act like translators between the ideas in your head the finished article, and that for me is the really rare and special part.

Find out more about Xavia on their official website.

Produced By Little City Pictures & Charlie Lindsay.
Directed by Christopher L Cook
Cinematography by Steven B J Cook
2nd Unit Cinematography by David Lee
Music & Lyrics by Charlie Lindsay.
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Charlie Lindsay @ XAVIA HQ.
Mastered by Tim Young @ Metropolis Studios, London.
Video: COPYRIGHT (C) Little City Pictures & XAVIA 2012

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