I am Disorder

I am disorder – click here to view

I Am Disorder is the latest production from Little City Pictures working in collaboration with fashion student Siam Colvine. A fashion concept film, from the mind of Siam Colvine, directed by Chris and photographed by Steve. It is based on the mental illness of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the psychological distress and anxiety it can cause in everyday life. The film represents the concept and influence for the first full fashion collection from Siam Colvine.

After having its World Première at Write Shoot Cut on Monday 9th July, we are excited to share this work with you online as not only are we proud of the finished product but it also represents a new concept for us. We have worked primarily in short drama, music videos and documentary but I Am Disorder is a whole different beast. A concept work from the mind of a fashion creative brought to life through collaboration and combined artistic expression.

Chris had this to say about I Am Disorder;

This project was an interesting one for me, after working with Siam as an actress in the Xavia music videos we produced earlier in the year, it was a real pleasure getting to collaborate with her in her field. I know how personal Siam’s work is to her and it was important to get into her mind in order to create a collaboration in tune with her vision. The raw, contrasting tone of innocent beauty and darkness in her work captivated my imagination and with the motives of the work coming from personal experiences it made this a very exciting style of film for me to tackle. As a director continually learning my craft, I believe it’s important for me to keep challenging myself with each project and this certainly was a challenge, but after cutting the piece, a rewarding one for sure.

Steve added this about his experience of photographing the film;

I was thrilled that Siam asked me to shoot her fashion film after working with her on the Xavia videos.  I really enjoyed shooting in black and white for this piece, it definitely added to the tone of the film.

Siam described her experience of working with us;

Working with Little City Pictures was an exciting and incredible experience. I have worked with them for 3 different projects now and each one was an absolute pleasure to be part of and I was thrilled when LCP agreed to get involved with a project of my own. I hope to work with them for many more projects in the future. Outstandingly talented team with a beautiful vision.


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