Friday Night and Saturday Morning hits Toronto


We are delighted to announce that our short film Friday Night and Saturday Morning has been selected to screen at the Toronto Bootleg Film Festival. This will be the World Premiere and it takes place as part of a special programme on Saturday 12th May at 8.20pm.

Friday Night and Saturday Morning was our second short after The Cottage and was shot a full year ago in Edinburgh. Neil wrote and directed the piece with Chris in the Assistant Director and Editor roles and Steve as Director of Photography. We were also blessed with a fantastic crew and a fine cast in Mr Nick Rhys and Miss Olivia Chappell, as well as supporting actor Beth Godfrey and many extras.

The shoot went like a dream, considering we packed a hell of a lot into two days of shooting and the results on a £400 budget were unreal.

It’s a film with a message and one that polarises audiences so we cant wait to see how the folks over in Canada take to it. The Bootleg Film Festival is a travelling Festival that started in 2008 in Glasgow then went to Swansea and London and now across the pond to Toronto. It’s all about putting indie filmmakers front and centre and it’s a real honor for us to hold our World Premiere with them.

Check out the fantastic films that we’ll be screening with and if you are in North America why not check the festival out?


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